Where do we elope?

There are many fabulous places in and around the area to Elope.

 ~~  Adams Ricci Park is our favorite spot.  The Pennsylvania Rail Road caboose is especially popular, 

         as are some of the garden spots, and more wooded areas.

~~ There is a small creekside area in Mechanicsburg which we can use.

~~ Fort Hunter Park just north of Harrisburg is a beautiful area with several locations.

        However, due to heavy use in season, this location is only for elopements November through April.

~~ You can choose your favorite restaurant in the area.

~~ You can get married at the library, or a museum.

~~ Have another favorite park, just let us know.

~~If you live nearby, you can get married right in your own back yard.

~~ Want something totally different?

Why not get married at Duck Donuts in Mechanicsburg?

The staff will make you a special complimentary pair of donuts as well!

And let's face it... who doesn't love donuts?!


What if we don't want anyone to know?

 NO PROBLEM!  We're great at keeping your secret!  When we take pictures for our social media, we won't show your faces at all! 


Any season!

 You don't have to get married only in spring or summer, especially with an elopement.  Any season is the right season, FOR YOU! 


Want something even simpler?

 Some couples just want to meet over a cup of coffee and say a few words and do the paperwork.  No problem.  We can meet at your favorite coffee or doughnut shop too. 


No fuss...

 You don't have to dress up, you don't have to have a bunch of people, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. 


Who can get married?

 Anyone in love!  All you need is love...

Elopement PA

But what if it rains?

 No worries, we've got you covered!  We can duck under cover, or even just grab an umbrella.  Like we said, NO RULES!